Border stencil motif 10522

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Five layer!!! border stencil motif 10522

Five layer, high-quality PET plastic - Border stencil with historical design from the early 20th Century, the heyday of decorative painting. This stencils are used to create five-coloured friezes and borders, and can be consecutively applied repeatedly for a continuous motif. As a point of reference for next lay on, the wall stencil used motif-based registration marks, these are very easy to be recognized parts of the ornament.

stencil type: five layer wall stencil,
be delivered 5 stencils
repeat width: 237mm
repeat height: 113mm
Repeat number per stencil: 1
motif size (WxH): 237x113mm








The stencils are cut by us from 0.3mm plastic (PET).

They are often REUSABLE, flexible, and are characterized by high tensile strength and chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.
In order to ensure a better use of our stencils they are always supplied us with a minimum of 50mm border around the subject.

On request completely individual stencils are possible, just ask us.


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