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stencil customized lettering 

Let your individual stencil with your own lettering makeThere are 7 fonts and 10 character sizes between 30 and 400mm are available. In addition to letters and numbers other symbols can be cut too. In addition to letters and numbers and other symbols can be cut. Due to the font height and number of characters a stencil can be longer than one meter. In this case, the stencil has to be divided depending on the number of characters and a plurality of cuts are possible. For a safe and straight handling can be guaranteed, the stencils are equipped with registration marks. 

stencilBOY-stencils are tear-resistant, heat-and cold-resistant and resistant to common solvents. stencilBOY stencils can be reused indefinitely.


Our high-quality stencils may, i.a., be used as:

- Signing or marking stencils for industry, technology, transport and traffic

- Wall stencil for individual designs on wallpaper and plaster

- Stencil for creative designs on furniture and other objects

- Stencil for airbrush work

- Stencils for designing paper and cardboard

stencil thickness: 0,3mm

The following letters, numbers, and characters can be used:


numbers:  0123456789

characters: + / - , . ; . ( ) ? ! & % @


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