Alphabet Stencils 100mm according to DIN 1451

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Letter stencils - Interlocking Stencilset according to DIN 1451

Number of supplied stencils in this set:

26 capital letters and 2 spaces/whitespaces

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and 2 placeholders/whitespaces for spaces

Height of letters: 100mm

Stencil material:

The stencils are made of 0.3 mm of plastic (PET). The stencils are often REUSABLE, flexible, and are characterized by high tensile strength  and chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.

Special 2-Click interlocking stencilBOY system for simple and easy assembly.

The use of our stencils is very easy with our optional Schablonenfixiersystem "FRANK".



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